Our Story

We came together 'unofficially' at acoustic jam sessions and open mic nights in late fall of 2006.  As veteran musicians on the Pennsylvania music scene, several of us had been acquaintances but were unaware that we shared a love for acoustic, bluegrass and Appalachian folk music.  Musicians like that were hard to find around our home town so it was a pleasant surprise to find some like minded friends at these jams.  Evident at those early sessions was an undeniable chemistry between several of us and so the idea of building a band began to be discussed.  After the formal line up was set, we officially began rehearsing as a band at the famous "Bait Shop" in early 2007, and Mama Corn was born.  Right from the first rehearsals we knew we had something special together and there was a lot of potential.  We worked on enough material in those early rehearsals to schedule our first showcase at a local watering hole called "The Hitching Post" where the owner was a bluegrass enthusiast.

Our first show was played to a packed house of enthusiastic people geared up to hear the new band everyone was talking about, and we delivered.  We held the crowd all night with our fiery playing, strong vocal harmony and fun loving attitude.  Just weeks later we played in support of Morgantown WV., luminaries  "The Hillbilly Gypsies", for a benefit concert in our home town.  In attendance that night was a festival organizer who liked our music and chemistry so he offered to give us a shot on the big stage at Smoked Country Jam Bluegrass Festival.  Within a few short months we were propelled onto a festival stage playing along side our hero's.  We quickly began earning a name for ourselves and garnered a legion of fiercely dedicated fans.  We recorded a five song demo later that year and handed them out all over the tri-state region. That demo along with the buzz created by our rapidly growing fan base helped build our momentum and the opportunities kept on coming.

Not resting on our laurels, we tirelessly rehearsed and performed for the next three years all over the mid-Atlantic region.  By 2010 the time was right to record our first full length studio album.  The self titled album, "Mama Corn", was completed in June of 2011 and was met with good reviews.  We toured in support of that album eventually earning a spot on some of the biggest stages in the country.  Venues such as The Wheeling Jamboree, Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, Delfest, Musikfest, and The Rochester International Jazz Festival were among the highlights of an ever growing whirlwind schedule.  Along the way we started writing songs and began gearing up for our highly anticipated second record.  Our sophomore effort, "Hold That Crooked Line", featured 14 tracks, with 11 Mama Corn original compositions highlighting the record.  Released in June 2014, it quickly became a fan favorite and received inspired reviews by such industry outlets as The Bluegrass Preservation Society, Pennsylvania Musician Magazine, and Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine.  We toured heavily along the Eastern U.S. in support of that record playing across 7 States and countless venues over that span. 

Years of the grind, health issues and personnel changes had taken their toll on us and we slowed down considerably to reflect, recharge, and reboot.  We started writing again and before we knew it, we had enough material for a new record.  Never straying too far from our roots, our interests keep leaning heavily towards original compositions with age old Appalachian flavors.  Our new record, "Live and Learn" was released in January of 2017, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the the band.  It's an appropriate title for as many miles as we have put on ourselves over the past ten years.  We are really happy with our latest recording, and feel it is our best material yet.  With a regular slate of festivals, venues, television and radio shows, the sky is the limit for this down home band of friends and we are enjoying every moment of this fantastic bluegrass journey!    Thanks for riding along!